How Brainwave Optimization™ Works

How Brainwave Optimization WorksThat is the premise of Brainwave Optimization. The Brain Becomes its Own Mirror.  The person in treatment get to “see” what’s going on in their brain and through the newest, most effective neuro-technology available today they can make changes in the way their brain functions.

Think about the simple daily activities we all do, for example, combing our hair. The physical motions necessary to comb hair are difficult to do without a mirror. So it is with a brain imbalance that manifests itself in anti-social, self destructive or addictive behavior. It is far easier to correct the behavior when the person can “see” what their brain is doing.

That is how Brain Awakening can offer the promise of success in a very short treatment time – success where other treatments have failed.

There are dozens of reasons for a brain to lose balance – stress, injury, drugs, alcohol, family problems, birth problems, genetics, and more. Through Brainwave Optimization, Brain Awakening can correct your brain imbalance, eliminating the symptoms, the cravings and the negative behaviors.

What to expect when you arrive

How Does Brainwave Optimization work from a Medical Percpective

Dr Sung Lee talks about the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system which is two of three major parts of the autonomic nervous system: the other being the enteric systems. Its general action is to mobilize the body's nervous system fight-or-flight response, rest and digest or Freeze state.  He explains how Brainwave Optimization can bring these functions into a balanced state to maintain homeostasis.

What is Brainwave Optimization®?

Brainwave Optimization is a completely non-invasive, individually tailored process of balancing and harmonizing the brain. Ultimately, a scientific based system for detecting and correcting imbalances in the brain’s primary functions as measured by the relative levels of activity of the alpha, beta and theta waves. Brainwave Optimization balances brain activity from the lobes of one side of the brain to the other, and from the front of the brain to the back. The objective of brainwave optimization is to establish balance and harmony in the brain. Harmony refers to the way energy patterns function together from low to high in the various regions of the brain.

Brain function is manifested in electromagnetic energy which can be captured by detecting it – or listening to it – with our cutting edge computer technology and software. During brainwave optimization sessions, brain energy is detected from the outer scalp at specific points on the head using our specially designed sensors and sends feedback to the brain in real time. This technology allows us to see the activity in the brain, locate problem areas, and design custom sessions to bring your brain into a balanced state.

Clients sit in a comfortable Zero Gravity chair while sensors detect micro-volts of energy on the head. Computers then process the brain energy into an optimized pattern in the form of sound which is sent back via headphones. The sound acts as a mirror for the brain. The brain's natural instinct is to move towards balance. When we enable the brain to "see" itself, it moves toward equilibrium.

Ultimately, when the brain is balanced, the body follows suit.


How Does Brainwave Optimization® Work?

Brainwave Optimization begins with a Brain Assessment.  Your brain energy can be detected from the outer scalp using sensors.  The electromagnetic energy travels from the sensors, through an amplifier which converts the brain waves into a form that the computer can measure. This energy is depicted on a computer screen in the form of brain waves.  You will be able to see your brain wave patterns being generated in real-time.

The Brain Assessment is completed by measuring brain wave activity in 6 locations on the scalp.  This brain wave activity is measured in "eyes closed", "eyes partially closed" and "eyes open" states.  All measurements are recorded and run through propriety algorithms and a brain assessment is then generated by the software.  

The brain assessment does not compare the measurements of the brain wave activity to a database of what is considered the norm but to what would be the norm for each person individually.  

During the sessions brainwave optimization works by sensing the electrical activity at the location that the sensors are placed on the head, analyzing these measurements and converting them into analogous audible sound patterns. These sound patterns are played through headphones back into the brain’s audio system so that they can be re-absorbed by the brain. During the playback, the sound information is mixed with sounds that have been derived from a balanced brain so that the client’s brain can assimilate the differences between the two sources of information and progressively adjust to become balanced itself.


How was Brainwave Optimization Created?

Brainwave Optimization™ was developed by founder, Lee Gerdes as a result of  is personal quest to heal his own PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Lee was assaulted in a back ally by 4 youths, one yielding a baseball bat. Over the period of ten years, Lee studied and worked with many different modalities to try to heal himself.  Although many of them worked to some degree, he could not find the lasting relief he was looking for.  He knew that he was not himself.  With his background in computer software and systems analysis, Lee began to study the brain.  He investigated ways in which brain activity might be measured and adjusted to create a feeling of contentment, reduced stress, improved awareness and performance. He developed the proprietary equipment, software and effective protocols that are now available through licensed practitioners.

Research shows that "contentment", "balance and harmony" and "homeostasis" are one in the same to Brainwave Optimization. 


Why Use Brainwave Optimiztion®?

Do you know of anything in life that is NOT at its best when it is balanced and harmonized?  The brain and the body that it drives are no exceptions.

Brain Awakening likes to use the analogy of a well used but neglected bicycle: its chain is loose, the spokes rattle, the seat isn’t properly located and the pedals wobble. But the bike still works.  Its owner has become accustomed to its shortcomings but can still get from place to place. If the bicycle were to have a really good tune up, with the chain adjusted and lubricated, the spokes tightened up, the saddle correctly positioned and the frame properly balanced, the bike would ride so much smoother, more comfortable and be less tiring for the rider.

Similarly, Brainwave Optimization® is a form of “tune up” for the brain, resulting in improved brain function, reduction in anxiety, improvement in the ability to focus and achieve goals, changes in sleep habits and even the ability to face and overcome addictions and depression.

We have found that over 90% of our clients report significant improvement in at least one and often more of the following areas:

  • personal productivity
  • a peaceful deep sleep
  • perceived quality of life
  • self-esteem
  • eliminate feelings of depression
  • ability to be in a state of peace, calmness and contentment

In addition, we have been privileged to witness clients overcome addictions such as nicotine, alcohol and drugs. 


Who Can Benefit from Brainwave Optimization®?

Anyone can benefit from the “tune up” process of Brainwave Optimization®, but it can be particularly beneficial for people who have already tried or who are resistant to medication options and invasive procedures. The client is empowered by being in control of the process at all times and can often feel the positive changes that are occurring right from the first session.